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  Baia di Crepatura Residence, Tuscany holiday accommodation...
The Etruscan Coast Castiglioncello and Cala de' Medici The Medieval Villages
Baia di Crepatura Residence, Tuscany holiday accommodation

The turistic fame of Castiglincello started in the second half of XIX c., with its mild climate and beautiful landscape. Nowadays it is one of the most famous seaside of the Thyrrenian Coast, well known both in Italy and abroad, for its wonderful landscape, for the quality and finesse of facilities, for its high-level cultural events. Indeed we may state that, in the whole area, Castiglioncello is the core of many cultural activities in the fields of dance, theatre and so on, that usually take place in the wonderful set of Pasquini Castle.

Castiglioncello was considered an important archeological site because there were found many ancient graves. Once Castiglioncello had a huge maritime trade with its linked activities.

A Medicean tower, placed at the end of promontory, is worth of note: this tower was built up during the XVI c. to defend the village against the terrible raids of Saracen pirates. A common trouble for many villages along the coast in that period


Those who come to the tourist port Cala De' Medici have many opportunities to explore, either toward the sea or toward the hinterland.The up Tyrrhenian Sea focus an exceptional richness of natural and landscape resources, cities full of history, culture, art and eno-gastronomy.

The port dispose of 650 berths (the 10% of them are reserved to the transit), a shipyard, a yatch club, a big parking. Soon it will hold a commercial centre too. Those who disembark at the tourist port Cala de' Medici, add their own rawplug at a mosaic of boats, faces and languages, that give life to a space alive and vital all year through. A space coloured by nature that will be improved by the big multicolored fields chosen by the artist Tobias Rehberger to fuse the landscape with the human work.

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